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MyAthens provides you with access to online resources using a single login. Registering for an account will allow you to access all of your local facility library’s Online journals plus those Free Medical Journals, and ProQuest. By creating a MyAthens login you can view the resources you are entitled to access and your account details.

Benefits of using MyAthens include:

  • Allows you to access multiple electronic resources without needing separate usernames and passwords for each resource
  • Allows you to access the Eresources portal, an A-Z listing of all accessible journals, e-books and open access content. The Eresources portal can be used to search for journals via title, subject, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or PubMed ID. You can also search by citation.
  • Enables you to access online resources remotely as well as in your workplace.
  • Department subscriptions can be added too (contact your local MyAthens administrator to arrange this. See below for contact details.)

Note: Many publishers have online resources that can be accessed in MyAthens. Your MyAthens account will only provide access to a subset of these resources that you can access


  • If you have a MyAthens username and password click here to login to MyAthens.
  • First time users click here using a work computer to register for a username and password. The password requirements are:

Passwords must be case sensitive, between 8 and 20 characters long, and contain a mix of letters and non-letters, eg Elephant9. They cannot be the same as your username, contain ascending or descending series of characters or common patterns.

  • You will be sent an email when you need to renew your account. To renew your account click here.
  • If you have forgotten your password you can reset your password. To reset your password click here.


For help registering view the Registering for MyAthens document.

For help using MyAthens view the Using MyAthens document.

Alternatively, contact your facility library for help on MyAthens.


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