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BMJ Case Reports provides access to cases in all disciplines so that healthcare professionals, researchers and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions. All articles are peer reviewed and copy edited before publication. BMJ Case Reports provides the oppurtunity to learn from real cases as the cases that are published are worthy of discussion, particularly around aspects of differential diagnosis, decision making, management, clinical guidelines and pathology. 

Access using a hospital desktop computer, corporate mobile or device connected to the VPN (Virtual Private Network)

You can access BMJ Case Reports using a hospital desktop computer, corporate mobile or a device connected to the VPN using a secure ID here. 

Access using a device without connecting to the VPN

To access this resource using a device without connecting to the VPN, such as your home computer or personal phone without connecting to the VPN, login to MyAthens then navigate to the resource. 

If you need to create a MyAthens login click here using a hospital desktop computer, corporate mobile or device connected to the VPN. For help using MyAthens click here


For help submitting a case view the User guide and the Writing and publishing an interesting case document. You can also view the Author help pages on the website, the Author Hub or the Author Guide.

Note: prior to submission you will need to contact your library to obtain WSLHDs fellowship code which is required to submit a case.


WSLHD Libraries provide regular training on a variety of topics. Find scheduled training sessions here or fill out the training request form to arrange a tailored one-on-one or group training session. 

Online Writing Workshop Recording - How to get published in BMJ Case Reports

In mid June 2023 the BMJ Case Reports Editor-in-Chief, Seema Biswas, ran a 60-minute writing workshop which provided a step-by-step guide to help efficiently write, present and publish a case report. 

The workshop covers:

  • Article types in BMJ Case Reports: global health, clinical cases, images in... and videos
  • How to write: guides and templates
  • What reviewers are looking for and how to revise
  • How to use BMJ Case Reports for your own teaching and learning

You can access the recording here.