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From 1st July 2020 your StaffLink login can be used to access CIAP offsite. You no longer need to generate and maintain a separate CIAP account.

Onsite access to CIAP will remain the same. You can automatically access CIAP resources without a login at a NSW Health facility.

NSW Health staff will still be required to maintain accounts for specific CIAP resources such as UpToDate, Ovid, BMJ Best Practice etc.

For further questions please contact WSLHD Libraries or view the FAQ document below.


The Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP) provides information and resources to support evidence-based practice at the point of care. CIAP is available to all NSW Health employees including students on rotation and can be accessed from work and remotely. Western Sydney Local Health District Libraries provide training, support, help with registrations, and linking our catalogue and document delivery services to CIAP.


Access CIAP using a work computer at

To access CIAP resources offsite go to CIAP then click Login on the top right hand corner of the page to login with your stafflink login.


Individual and group training sessions are provided by Western Sydney Local Health District Libraries

My Health Learning

Search for the following scheduled CIAP training sessions using My Health Learning or see all available training sessions here. You are welcome to attend any session conducted by the Library at the facility most convenient to you.

DEV14056 - How to Use CIAP Most Effectively
DEV14051 - How to Search for Evidence
DEV14045 - How to Search for Medical Resources
DEV14047 - How to Search for Allied Health Resources
DEV14053 - How to Search for Nursing Resources
DEV14055 - How to Search for Drug Resources
DEV14058 - How to Search for Mental Health Resources

Other training options

Contact your facility library or fill out the training request form to arrange a tailored one-on-one or group training session. 

CIAP support and training

CIAP also provide support and training which can be found here.