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How do I reserve items?

You can reserve an item from another library to be picked up at your Facility library by following the instructions below or by contacting us.  

Please note that to be able to login to the catalogue you need to complete an online registration form then visit your facility library with your identification to complete your registration. If you have registered at Auburn Hospital Library you do not need to visit the library with your identification.

1. Go to the Library Catalogue

2. Select Stafflink login if you have stafflink credentials or Other login if you do not have stafflink credentials.

3. Search for the item you would like to reserve.

4. Select Place hold beside the item you would like to reserve. Note that some items such as reference and department items cannot be reserved.

5. Use the drop down to change the Pick up location if required then select Confirm hold

6 .You will be sent an email once the item is available for pickup and will have 7 days to pickup the item. You can contact your library if you need help.