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How can I use EndNote in Microsoft 365?

Using the Microsoft Word EndNote Add-In in SharePoint Word documents

If you have opened Microsoft Word in an internet browser, for example by opening a Word document in a SharePoint site, there will be no Microsoft Word EndNote Add-In available. You can only access the Microsoft Word EndNote Add-In on the Microsoft Word Desktop Application.

To access the Add-In open the Microsoft Word document in SharePoint then select Editing then Open in Desktop App.

Saving and using EndNote Files in SharePoint

You can store EndNote files in SharePoint. However in order to use the EndNote files you can use one of the options below.

It is recommended you create regular backups of your files outside of SharePoint, particularly if your EndNote library is large.

1) Open the files using Windows Explorer by syncing your SharePoint/Teams Files. Click here for instructions in Sara.   

2) Download the EndNote files on your computer (e.g. desktop, documents folder) first along with any associated data folder and files. 

Please note that once you save EndNote files onto your computer and make changes to these files (e.g. add new references to your library) you are no longer editing the original files saved in SharePoint. Please make sure you save these files back into SharePoint.

If the files you have downloaded are in a Zip folder, you will need to unzip the folder before they can be opened by right clicking on the zipped folder then selecting Extract All.