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How do I link Google Scholar with library databases?

When you search Google Scholar you can see links to different versions of the result such as PDFs, websites and library holdings. As Google Scholar links to various websites you will need to evaluate links to make sure the content is credible. For example you can look at the Cited by field to see how many times that article has been cited. When there is a library link available its best to use the library link since these can be trusted without evaluation.

If using a work device the links to WSLHD library holdings are seen automatically. If you are using a non-work device such as your home computer you have two options to view these links:

Option 1: Use MyAthens to access Google Scholar and view the links to WSLHD library holdings

Option 2: Add the library links manually. This option will allow you to add links to WSLHD library holdings as well as other institutes you are affiliated with e.g. Western Sydney University Library, University of Sydney Library and Notre Dame University Library. Note that after you follow a WSLHD library subscription link from a non-work device you will be asked to enter your MyAthens credentials to view content. Please see the instruction below.


1. Go to the Library Links settings page. 

2. Type WSLHD in the search box then click on the magnifying glass icon to search.

Google Scholar Library Links search

3. A list of WSLHD library subscriptions will appear. Deselect Westmead Hospital, Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospital and Cumberland Hospital if you do not work at these hospitals.

Google Scholar Library Links Deselect

4. Click Save

Google Scholar Library Links Save

5. When you conduct a search in Google Scholar you should now be able to see WSLHD links

Google Scholar library links


6. If you have access to another library you can link to that libraries resources in this same way. For example instead of searching for WSLHD in step 2 you can search for the University of Sydney, University of Notre Dame and Western Sydney University.