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Auburn Hospital Library Video Conferencing

Video conference room details

  • Video conference room name: Auburn HS Library Rm AU01511 70223041

  • Video conference room number: 70223041 (All WSLHD video conference rooms begin with 702)

Touch panel

  • Follow the instructions on the touch panel (looks like an iPad on the table) to use the technology. The software is updated occasionally so the image below may not have the same options as what you see. 

  • The occupancy sensor will turn on the touch panel when it senses someone in the room.

  • To mute/unmute press the button on the bottom right hand corner of the touch pad. If it’s a blue light you are unmuted and if it’s a red light you are muted. 

  • Press the volume buttons on the touch panel to increase and decrease the volume. If the mute symbol appears on the screen you may need to either unmute (see bullet point above) or increase the volume.

Remote control

  • The remote control should only be used if you need to share your screen.

  • The exception is if you cannot see the video conference in which case press HDMI2 on the remote control.

Hide self view

To remove self view, select the person image outlined in red below then select Turn off. Note these options appear briefly when video is turned on.

Touchpad options and ways to video conference

  • There are six options on the touchpad which you can learn more about below: